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Apart for your bike, your Cycling kit is a close second in importance for many reasons from comfort to looking the part. As with any sports apparel category, each instance of cycling has a variety of options and styles for riders to choose from. Although the performance and quality of your gear is extremely important, all cyclists know that you are only as fast as you look so rider style is super important!

Fit, freedom of movement, moisture management, and rider comfort are all factors when choosing your favorite riding kit. Cycling kit is designed, cut, and manufactured to provide the most ergonomic and aerodynamic fit to a cyclist’s body. To prevent chafing and rider discomfort, cycling kit is generally skin tight which in turn provides less area between the skin and the garment for friction. Made from special sweat-wicking materials cycling garments are designed to allow for proper rider ventilation and more importantly absorb sweat off your body.

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