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Cycling shoes have been specially designed to offer you a shoe that will be best for pedaling your bicycle. You will discover that cycling shoes are not good for much else other than cycling. Generally, cycling shoes feature rigid soles and cleats attaching your foot directly to your pedal. There are various cycling disciplines such as road cycling, mountain biking and TT for triathlons that require unique shoes. Each cycling discipline requires a unique performance from cycling shoes. It has been proven that cycling shoes are beneficial compared to other shoes. The most important difference between a cycling shoe and any other shoe is the stiffness of the sole. Cycling shoes have a stiff sole acting as a lever to optimize your pedaling energy. This is completely different from the soles of athletic shoes, for example. Athletic shoes feature a flexible sole to allow for foot movement.


Road shoes have been specifically designed to suit the needs that road cycling demands from a shoe. As a road cyclist, your feet remain in a fixed position for a long period of time. This is why road shoes are designed to offer comfort for your feet and your body. Therefore, road shoes are characterized by stiff soles, aerodynamic design and are lightweight. At ASG The Store we offer two of the most famous shoe brands in the world: Sidi road shoes and Fizik road shoes.

Mountain bike shoes have been designed to suit the needs that mountain biking demands from a shoe. When mountain biking your feet tend to move position more and you may need to walk or run. For this reason, MTB shoes offer a more rugged design and sometimes a slightly more flexible sole. MTB shoes can be characterized by their rugged design and grippy sole. This design is important to protect your feet as well as offer you grip and comfort while riding or walking. At ASG The Store we offer two of the most famous shoes brands in world: Sidi MTB shoes and Fizik MTB shoes.

Triathlon shoes have been purposefully designed with many features that are helpful for triathletes. A high-quality pair of triathlon shoes need to ensure comfort into the run and aid quick transitions. Therefore, these type of cycling shoes often features cleat compatibility, an aerodynamic design, heel loops, an oversized fastening system, and a stiff sole. At ASG The Store we offer two of the most famous shoes brands in world: Sidi triathlon shoes and Fizik triathlon shoes.

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