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BUYERS GUIDE TO selecting the right road shoe


Road cycling shoes use a three-bolt cleat mount. This means that they are only compatible with "road style" clip-in systems, such as Shimano SPD-SL and Look pedal/cleat systems. When purchasing your shoes, ensure they are compatible with your pedal choice. Please note that cleats are never provided with shoes.


The means of fastening your feet into your shoes largely falls down to three options; Ratchet buckles, Velcro straps or BOA cord fastenings. Traditional Velcro fastening are reliable, strong and lightweight. Ratchets are sturdy, allow easy adjustment on the move, and provide a very firm hold on your foot. BOA is the lightest system available, and the lacing avoids uncomfortable contact points that can occur with some strap systems.


The final thing to consider with your road shoes, is the level of ventilation. Within the road shoes category you will find a broad spectrum of ventilation levels; at one end are winter shoes/boots that have minimal mesh or holes that may let in water, and a higher level of insulation from the cold. At the other end of the spectrum, are highly ventilated shoes that have holes in the sole and mesh uppers to increase breathability and comfort in hot summer months. Look for a level of ventilation that suits the weather/climate you are riding in, and it will help to keep you comfortable.