Gravel bikes which could be mistaken for a road bike with larger wheels but are a subclass all by themselves. Characterized by larger clearance spaces to allow for a variety of tire types and sizes; a more relaxed geometry positioning the rider upright to improve riding comfort; additional mounts; and disk brakes. Typically called the “go-anywhere” bike due to its versatile capabilities. Gravel bikes can be used for many types of riding. A few types of gravel bikes include gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, or adventure bikes


types of gravel bikes

Backroad Gravel-bikes

The hybrid, a very similar appearance to normal road bikes but with the all the fun of the outdoors. This subcategory  of bikes are pretty light, very agile and feature geometries which remind us of classic road-, CX- or endurance-bikes. Most of the time they combine 700C wheels with tyres up to 40C width with little or no profile. These bikes are designed for a healthy mix of tarmac, gravel, forest roads and dirt paths – less so for rough terrain or single-track.

cyclocross Gravel-bikes

This subcategory of Gravel bikes, the influence of mountain bikes is clearly stronger. Showcasing chunkier XC tyres with a more aggressive profile and tyre widths ranging between 1.9″ and 2.1” – combined with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheel sizes. They’re mainly intended for off-road riding – everything from fun single-trails to chilled out week-long bike packing adventures – but still significantly faster than common mountain bikes on tarmac roads and soft gravel paths.

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