Do you spend hours playing video games after your workout? Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you work long hours in front of a computer? If yes is the answer to one these questions (and we are 99,99% sure you will confirm) then you are exposing your eyes to harmful blue light.

New light sources from smartphones, computers, tablets and TV screens appear very white and bright because new generation LEDs and artificial light sources emit a very intensive and significant peak precisely in the wavelengths of blue and blue-violet light. Exposure to blue light can cause tiredness, red eyes and headaches. By reducing the amount of blue light, a restful and protective effect on your eyes is immediately obtained making you feel less fatigued and tired.

That’s why we have developed a new collection of Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses together with leading lens manufacturer Shamir Optical, made out of a material that is capable of absorbing much of the blue light, preserving the health of your eyes.


introducing Blue Zero Eyewear